Computers offline

Create folders for your reading groups.


Each week save the files into those folders that students will use


Each student will then open the file and 'Save As' back to their own personal folder. Older students should have curriculum named folders in their own personal folder.

Computers, iPads or other Devices online

The same as above can be done with Google Docs. Make templates of the activities and save in the template gallery in Google Docs.

Students/Teachers will need to set up folders for all students in Google Docs (Curriculum Folders)

Reading Group Management Board

The reading time is divided up into 4 session times, where it says T is when the teacher sees the students for instructional reading. Usually after they have seen the teacher they will have a related reading activity. The rest of the time slots are 'Reading Choices.

When students have a Reading Options time, they can choose from the Reading Choices.


Examples of Reading Choices

The reading choices are made up of a variety of activities that suit all students tastes and strengths.

A teacher from Everglade school has made this reading independent contract.