Junior Maths

Traditional style of Maths teaching


Create folders for your math groups.

Each week save the files into those folders that students will use

Each student will then open the file and 'Save As' back to their own personal folder. Older students should have curriculum named folders in their own personal folder.


When there is only one or two computers I use my label management technique. This works very successfully in dividing up maths groups. This is an example of a 'Maths Management board'. There are 3 math groups, half of the maths group goes on the computer and they have allocated labels.

external image m.png
external image k.png
external image d.png
external image o.png
M for Mouse
K for keyboarding
D for Director (they tell everybody
what to do)
O for observer (they stand
Record on a whiteboard
Download Role labels

Download More role labels

The other half will do related activities in their books, or complete math games.

My Maths task board looks like this with 3 groups, and I always demonstrate the activity with the children before I send them off to do it.

Here are some examples of maths activities I might do with them


Developing the e-Learning approach to maths

A teacher from Everglade school has made this maths independent contract.