Class Rules


It is important to have Class rules for everday classroom management but there also needs to be rules around the use of the equipment.

Children need to be taught how to respect the devices and look after them.

Do not assume that students understand the value of the equipment, they do not until it is explained to them.

I use a lot of my own personal equipment with students and carefully explain how much it is worth and how important to me it is to care for it in the correct way.

I will always spend time when introducing a new device of how to

  • look after

  • carry it

  • use it

  • put it away

  • share it with others

Jacqui Sharp

I created this diagram for a Year 4 class. It was printed out and stuck up on the wall in a prominent place so that we could refer to it when neccessary.

Jacqui Sharp

Download Inspiration Class rules external image octet-stream.png Class Rules.isf

Download Word Class rules external image msword.png Class rules.doc